Who will win today match astrology

who will win today match astrology

Well, it is a big question in everyone’s mind. That Who will win today match astrology? Or match is of any game. Either cricket IPL, cricket world cup, football or any other kind of game.

Because of these days’ interest in watching the match. Moreover, a large of money is also invest in these sports by the people. Therefore, they keenly want to know who will win the match today.

If you want to know as per the Cricket match astrology prediction that Who will win today match? And on what basis according to the astrology the winning of the match depends?

What are the basic rules for reading sports astrology?

Well there is a certain set of things on which the sports astrology depends. Therefore, by all these things you will get to know who will win the match today.

  • The 1st and 7th house shows opponents. As with the help of astrology prediction. You will able to read the positioning of the planets in the houses. Which decides your opponent team in the match. Therefore, it will help you to get mentally and physically well prepared for the match.
  • The 5th house, and 11th house count as 5th from the 7th. Describe how they play the game. Meanwhile, when all the members of the team of any sport. For example cricket or football. If they will able to know the playing strategy of the team. Then the chances of predicting the winning team will be easier for you. Therefore, it will help you to know who will win the match today.
  • The 10th house and 4th house count as 10th from the 7th. It indicates their honor and the ability to win the game. Thereafter, when you know which team will be the winner in the match. Meanwhile, you will also able to know the ability of their winning. Which means that from what ability that plays the match and wins it.

What are the methods to predict the winner of the match by the astrology?

There are several methods by which the astrology of the match can be predicted. Along with who is going to be the winner of today’s matches?

  • The home team is represented by ASC. However, visiting is represented by the DSC.
  • The favorite team is represented by ASC. And underdog is represented by the DSC.

The best method is to assign ASC or DSC upon the kit’s color of teams.

As it is the most secure variant. But you why? It is more secure and variant?

The answer is because ASC for one team and DSC for another team are all about appearances. That is the first impression that we get when ASC or DSC team runs on the playground, and then we usually say: for example “White” are “our team”, and “red” is “enemy”.

Cricket betting with the help of astrology

Well, many people ask the questions on which team they will bet? So that they do not have to bear any kind of loss. 

Therefore, the answer is so obvious. Astrologers can easily predict who is going to be the winner of the match. Thus, on the basis of these such predictions. You will easily bet on your team. Moreover, the result of this is also very fruitful for you. For example in terms of money.

Yup, you can win cricket bet by using astrology. But one thing you need to keep in mind. That is how the team is performing. For example, even New Zealand was close to winning the last series. Moreover, even their prophecy also gets to fail. The reason behind this is modern-day cricket is not that traditional game. Sport fixing is very common even in international cricket. Thus, when you will know the fixing of the match you can easily do the bet on the winning team.

Is astrology helps to get the winner?

Yes, definitely. Fixed Stars astrology believes that stars never move around the Sun. And the Sun is not the center of the universe. They all have always remained fix in position. Therefore, they are static and never ever-changing. Thus, the planet and bodies in this system are studied in the context of planets and bodies around this concept. This has given birth to the concept and uniqueness of the Fixed Stars Astrology. This comes from the enigma of the vast universe that binds us around its mystery.

Therefore, astrology gets in acknowledge of whole the universe. So that by the positioning of stars, planets, and houses. Astrologers can predict the winner of the match.

Some FAQs(frequently asked questions):

Which is the best prediction sites and apps for the IPL cricket match?

We cannot say about the app but one thing is for sure. If you are looking for the best sites then your search should end at oncallastrology.com. We are a team of experts. Every expert is specialized in different fields of astrology like numerology, Vastu, Lal Kitab, palmistry, and Vedic astrology. That’s why our prediction is so much accurate.

Where can I get the latest cricket predictions?

You can get the latest cricket predictions by availing of the services of our astrologers. They are providing their services through oncallastrology.com. You can blindly trust us. If you give us a chance to serve you we will not disappoint you.

Can we rely on online cricket matches pol for cricket match prediction 100 sure?

No, not at all, 90% of times online polls show wrongs prediction. Because general people take part in these polls. They give their votes to that cricket team which is their favorite. So don’t ever invest your money by relying on websites like cricket today.


I hope now you will get to know how astrology tells that who is going to win the match. If you still have any more questions. Or want more information. Contact us on call astrology solution.

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