Which planet is responsible for enemies

Which planet is responsible for enemies

The enemy is the only one as when he comes into the life of any person. Then surely a lot of issues and complications can happen. And the person gets frightened from all the happenings of his own life. Thus can be due to only one reason as the individual have the fear in his mind that the person already made up his to destroy your life can surely put an attempt and ruin each and everything of your life. But have you ever think that if the enemy can enter your life. Then what could be the reason behind it? Then there are certain planet positions responsible for enemies.

Aur in planets ki positions ki madad se aap apne Dushman ko khatam kr skte ho. And the planets that are responsible for this will let you know in the next paragraph.

What are those certain planet positions which are responsible for the enemies?

In the kundli of the person mars is the only planet which is responsible for the increasing anger of the person. And Saturn is that planet which can increase the dedication in the mind of the person for any of the work he plans for. So if there is any person present in your life who already start thinking in a negative way about you. And make the wrong perceptions for you. Thus, in that case, if the mars and Venus also become the strongest planets. By placing their positions in the 6th house and form combinations with the 6th house lord. Then definitely there might be possible that the strong influence of these two planets will on one hand increase the aggression and on the other also increase the dedication to fulfil the thought of disturbing your life.

Is there are any side effects of having an enemy in your life?

Well definitely yes, there are a lot of side effects if we had enemy if we have an enemy in our life. Or we can say that nothing can turn in a positive manner until and unless thy enemy is present.

  • The first one is that he present all the time in your life with the thought of ruining your life.
  • And even his evil eye can watch out all our activities and we even attempting a lot of efforts turns everything as like all are useless.
  • Along with that, if you try enough hard to remain positive. So that his evil intentions will not affect you in any form. But even after trying hard to remain positive you again start thinking all the negative activities. And this all can be happen just because that person can be present in your surroundings, who only think of the wrong things.

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