What planets in vedic astrology indicate a love marriage

What planets in vedic astrology indicate a love marriage

What planets in Vedic astrology indicate a love marriage: Well, astrology plays the most important role in deciding the positions of the planets. Especially at the time of love marriage.

Because with the positioning of planets in the horoscope. We can decide how the love marriage of the person is. whether they are suitable for each other or not. Moreover, they have the correct positions of the grahas. That makes their relationship strong and even long-lasting.

In astrology 7th house indicates marriage and Spouse. The planet Venus is Kaletra Karaka. Who is the indicator of marriage and love life? If Venus or 7th lord is conjunction or aspect by Saturn or Mars. Then natives have a high chance of unconventional marriage. Therefore, we call it Love marriage. Planets also help us to check the possibility of love marriage in your horoscope.

If Venus is afflicted and aspect by Saturn, Rāhu, and Mars. Then natives will do love marriage. But he may not get support from society or family. If Venus and Mars conjoin without any beneficial aspect. Then native may indulge in multiple marriages or multiple relationships and if this combination has anything to do with Lagna or 10th house then he may lose his reputation by this act.

If the conjunction of Venus with Saturn and Mars is well placed. Then the person will have a successful love marriage. For example, if Venus, 7th lord, 2nd lord is a good place. But have aspects from Saturn without any other affliction. Then natives will have a love marriage with positive support from society and family members.


The  Sun has the capability to fade away the darkness on earth. It can also eliminate the negativity in your horoscope. If it is positively placed. Sun is the epitome of confidence. And spirit, ambition, and cheerfulness, wisdom and warmth, royalty. At the same time, it can also make you introvert, arrogant, egoistic, jealous. As well as irritable, pompous, and prone to psychological problems.


If you have a weak Mars in the horoscope. Results may not be favorable. It can cause knee pain. Moreover, it is associated with blood. Thus, may make the natives anemic too. People having a weak  Mars in horoscope suffer from eyesight problems, headaches and dark circles around eyes. Such people also struggle with reproduction. Because Mars is also the governor of our passion, love, and sexual capabilities. Women with a weak Mars may struggle with problems in the monthly cycle and pregnancy.  Badly placed Mars also causes debts and inability & struggle to pay it off. Such people often live guarded and secretive.

Moreover, if they themselves lend money, it takes a long time to recover that amount. They regularly have dreams of chased down or have a fear of law enforcement. This situation of Mars would help alleviate its negative effect. If you have any more questions then our on call astrology services available for you. So this is exactly how to predict love marriage. Any inquiries are warmly welcome.

In addition to planets, it has also been seen that sometimes a native also faces problems in love marriage because of his parents. So if you are also suffering psychologically because of your parents as they are pressurizing you to choose them your lover. Then don’t take tension and contact our astrologer to get relief from the psychological effects of late marriage that is due to your parents. We will provide you a very easy solution after which your parents will give their consent for your love marriage.

Some FAQs(frequently asked questions):

Is Vedic astrology really effective?

Yes definitely it is 100% true Vedic astrology is very effective. It can sort all the future predictions. Therefore, with the help of this, you will get to know everything in advance. Moreover, you can also beware of the happenings done in the future.

What is the process if you want to make your parents agree for love marriage?

Firstly you must contact Vedic astrologer. Then submit your desirable details of your family members, you and your partner. We check your horoscope and on the basis of that, we provide you desirable solutions for love marriage.

How Manglik dosh brings a lot of troubles in family life after love marriage?

Manglik dosh effects Mars in the 1st house seriously affects the spouse in a given marriage. Both the partners shall enter into conflicts often leading to physical assault and violence in most families. Mars in the 2nd house brings a lot of troubles to a person’s family life.


Now you will get to know the answer to your question. “What planets in Vedic astrology indicate a love marriage”. And how planets according to astrology plays an important role in love marriage.

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