What is mangal dosh or Manglik dosh?

What is mangal dosh or Manglik dosh

Mangal dosh or Manglik dosh is that one which can arise in the birth chart of a person. As when the person can take its birth under the strong influence of the mars. That planet is mainly responsible for bringing the aggression in the personality of the person. Along with that when this mars gets its placements in the 1st, 8th, 12th, 4th and even 2nd house. Then due to this mangal dosh can arise in the kundli of the person.

As well this Manglik dosh is also called as Kuja dosh, Angarakha dosh or the Bhom dosh. That when can arise in the kundli of the person. It really becomes difficult to remove. And even the worst impacts that it leaves is on the marriage life of the person.

Kaise jane Manglik dosh k effects apki marriage life main?

As when the person can reach to his/her marriage age. Then either he may fall in love with someone, or their parents find someone for their child as a life partner. And the main problem can arise when a child wants to do love marriage. Then it will be ok. But the person whom he chooses as his life partner. Is a non-Manglik. And you are a Manglik.

  • Then, on one hand, it will lead to the death of the person after marriage who has the presence of Manglik dosh in his kundli.
  • And the other one is marriage life will not go on in a smooth manner.
  • Continuous disputes related to love can arise in between both of you. All of the things that are necessary for the relationship starts lacking.
  • As well it is also possible that the relationship may end with a divorce.

Manglik dosh kb khatam hota hai? Kya iska koi nivaran hai?

Agar apki kundli main manglik dosh hai. Aur janna chahte hai ki ye dosh kb khatam hoga. Taki aap apne premi se vivah kr ske. To use liye sbse utam smay jisme aap manglik dosh ko khatam kr skte hai. Aur bina kisi problem ke apne manpasand vyakiti se shadi kr skte hai. To vo keval 28 varsh ki umar ke baad hi ho skta hai. Kuki vedic gyan ke hisab se ye ek aisi umar hai jiske baad manglik dosh ya to kmm ho jata hai ya fr bilkul khatam.

Is it possible to get married before the age of 28 years with the help of Manglik dosh upay?

As once the Manglik dosh check can be done by the astrologer through your kundli. And it arises. But you want to get married in your life with your partner at an early age. Then for this, it is necessary for you that you can do the nivaran of Manglik dosh. So that after married your married life runs smoothly without any problems.

Then in that case the person either the boy or the girl. Who is Manglik? Is in need to get married to a peepal tree. So that any strong and harmful impacts that mars lead in your kundli. All of them can get removed. And you can continue into your marriage life without facing any complications or mishappenings in it.

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