What are the possibilities of love marriage in the horoscope

what are the possibilities of love marriage in the horoscope

What are the possibilities of love marriage in the horoscope: Well, there are a variety of possibilities of love marriage as per the horoscope. Moreover, it depends on the position of all the planets and the houses in your horoscope. Because they all act in a different manner. Meanwhile, each planet has its significance in the prediction of love marriage by date of birth. According to the astrological viewpoint.

How to calculate love or arranged marriage

There are a few planets that are quite responsible for giving love marriage in a birth chart. For example, Rāhu, Mercury, Venus are some planets that enable an astrologer to calculate love or arranged marriage.

Firstly, if Rāhu is involved in any of the houses relating to marriage. There is a huge possibility that there might be a marriage happening with a person. Who belongs to the outside of the community. For example inter caste love marriage. Or marriage with the person who does not belong to the same country. In other words, means the person is from a foreign country.

As Rāhu represents foreign land, there might be a spouse from a different community or foreign land. Usually a strong planetary influence to the 12th house which represents foreign land. As well as being one of the family houses. That signifies a love marriage.

What are planet position for love marriage

Moreover, 7th house which is the house of marriage and legal spousal partnership. When having an influence from Rāhu, exalts Venus or Mercury can lead to love marriage. Also, when these planets have a positive connection to the 5th house. Which is actually the house corresponding to romance and love affairs. Then there is a big chance that this might become a love marriage.

Mercury represents a playful nature in terms of love. Rāhu represents spouse or love from a foreign land. However, Venus is the God of love as much as it is known. When 7th lord is positively placed and strongly relates to Rāhu or place in 5th house. Then there is a huge chance of love marriage.

There are many more combinations and attributes to finding love marriage in a chart. Only depending on the chart, the nakshatras in which the planets are placed, the Dasha bukthi and positive to negative aspects, exaltation and debilitation must all together consider coming to a conclusion. If love marriage will happen or not.

Therefore, by Horoscope Matching and the positions of the planets and houses in your kundali. We will also get to know whether your love marriage will be lasting or not. Meanwhile, the compatibility of the horoscope will somehow benefit you. As it also protects or beware of both the positive and the negative outcomes. That is going to happen in your life after marriage. In the event, you have any questions regarding how to predict love marriage. Don’t hesitate to reach us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Some FAQs(frequently asked questions):

Can numerology predict the future?

Yes definitely. With the help of astrology, you can predict or forecast your future. For example, what is going to happen in the near future? Therefore, astrology is the best source by which you will get to know about the future. With the help of your date of birth.


Hope all your doubts are clear now. If you have any more questions please contact us at on-call astrology services.

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