what to do if kundli does not match

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Is astrology matching mandatory for love marriage: Well, it is a common question that most people ask us. Whether astrology plays any role and is significant in the matchmaking of the person?

Yes, the answer to this is so sure and obvious. That astrology is very essential in love marriage. Because with the matchmaking compatibility. It can be very easily known how your hour marriage life will be in the future. And also through astrology, you can predict the possibility of love marriage. Moreover, it tells us that the two lovers who are preparing for the marriage have a compatible match. 

Love compatibility is a significant factor in any love relationship. In order to keep it going for a long time is compatible. For this, a female horoscope analyzes for long marital happiness. Moreover, the lovers cannot see the shortcomings of their spouses.

Venus is the planet of love as per astrology. Navmansha Kundali too has its role while ascertaining love compatibility. Since the selection is only once in a life, the anxiety in this regard is more. You should not think about uncertainty in your love relationship. And take it ahead with confidence. And In case your compatibility matches with your lover not coming. Then you can always contact us for love marriage problem solution.

Match-making astrology as per the love marriage-Vedic Marriage Compatibility

In Indian Horoscope Match Making is the eightfold Vedic test of horoscope matching. Or, ‘Gun Milan’ is necessary to ascertain the suitability of the man and woman’s horoscopes before their marriage.

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A score for 36 points arrives which is at a base on various parameters and at least 18 points are necessary for the suitability of the couples. Getting the complete horoscopes’ compatibility is necessary.

In any case when the horoscopes difference occurs. Then it shows that there is a possibility of divorce, unhappiness, and differences of opinion. The Horoscope Matching before the alliance is important in marriages.

The parents of the bride and groom who visit the astrologer for the matchmaking. The Kundali matching by name and date of birth is beneficial for the long-lasting wedding life. Many times, there are remedial measures that are necessary to apply in daily life to rectify any shortcomings in Horoscope Match Making. There are several procedures use for Kundali Matching. For example, some are base on the place of birth, date and time or even name. For getting more information on call astrology solution is always available for you. So give us a call today for your free Vedic Marriage Compatibility report or you can also contact us if you are looking for an intercaste marriage problem solution. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Some FAQs(frequently asked questions):

Question: Is astrology match making really effective?

Answer: yes definitely astrology matchmaking shows the 100% effective results. that will solve your problem of love marriage. Moreover, with the astrology match, making compatibility horoscope is going to be matched for both the persons. that will surely solve your problems.

Question: Will astrology found the compatible match for me?

Answer: of course it is absolutely sure that with the help of astrology you can actually find the match which suits you the most. Because the match that is found with the help of astrology is on the basis of the positioning of the planets and the houses in your horoscope.

Question: What are the astrological remedies to marry the desired person you love?

Answer: For having love in life:-Another you can perform “Rudrabhishek” with honey. This worship of Shiva Ling is advantageous for married and unmarried girls. Unmarried girls can get married to their partners shortly after this. However, married women can win the love of their husbands as a result of this worship.


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