remedies for disputes between husband and wife

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It is said that occasionally fights and arguments between a couple are normal And it laid the foundation of a strong relationship. And also increases the mutual understanding between the two. But it is a matter of concern if the husband and wife face frequent quarrels and intensify it. And sometimes frequent quarrels leads to divorce. And it eventually spoils the life of the couple. There can be many reasons behind such problems when they arise in a relationship. We will try to discuss today in this article what are astrological reasons for the fight between husband and wife. And what are the astrological remedies to solve husband wife problems? And to avoid such circumstances in marriage Kundali Matching is necessary. So let’s start and without any delay.

Know by a horoscope why a husband and wife quarrel reasons-Why Kundali Milan Astrology is necessary

When two people decide to live together in a marriage bond for a lifetime, they are usually aware of each other’s true nature. Hence Kundali Milan helps a lot in deciding whether the two-person who have decided to marry each other are compatible or not for each other. That’s why Pre-wedding horoscope matching is necessary. So this is how you can predict by astrology why husband and wife quarrel with each other. So if you also want to stop the divorce situation that you can arise in your life in the future. If you don’t take and do appropriate remedies right now. Then contact our astrologer for divorce prediction astrology. And if they see any yoga that could destroy your marital life in the future. Then they will suggest appropriate remedies to stop such circumstances to come in your life.

What astrologers see while they do horoscope matching and suggest astrology remedies for stop fighting with husband and wife in Hindi

  • The astrologers first pay attention to the Guna Milan. Through Guna Milan, it can be very easily known whether the qualities of the two-person match or not
  • If according to the scripture in the horoscope of the bride and groom, fewer than 18 qualities match. Then there is more possibility of quarrels if such a boy and a girl do marriage to each other
  • During horoscope matching, astrologers also see Mangal Dosh. Here the point to note is that if both the Kundali have mangal dosha then it doesn’t hamper the marital life of a couple
  • If Saptamesh is situated in the 6th, 8th or 12th house then it causes a cause of discord
  • The fourth place in the horoscope is called the place of happiness and if the fourth house is under the effect of sinful planets, or if the fourth aspect is weak then-husband quarrels with the wife
  • If there is an influence of Saturn’s half-seventh or Daiya on your or spouse. Then there is a possibility of a quarrel

If you want astrology remedies for stop fighting with husband and wife in Hindi. Then keep don’t stop here keep reading this article. Because still there is a lot to discuss with you. Also, pay attention if you have met an astrologer before marriage for horoscope matching. But still, you are facing problems in your life. Then the only reason is the astrologer that you have met was unknowledgeable. But don’t worry still the problem can be overcome very easily if you contact our astrologer.

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What to do to make a strong relationship between husband and wife-husband wife fight solution by astrology

Before telling you how the relationship between husband and wife makes good and strong. We will tell you which planets strengthen the relationship between husband and wife in marriage? And then you can better understand husband wife fight solution by astrology.

Mainly two planets are responsible for marriage. That is Venus and Jupiter are very important to ensure a happy marital life of a couple after marriage.

The planet Venus is responsible for the marriage of a boy and Jupiter is responsible for the girl. If these two planets are looked at closely then the role of Venus planet is more important for good household life.

So if you want to make your relationship good with your wife. Then get your horoscope check by our experts. He will after assessing your horoscope in detail provide you Astrological Remedies To Solve Husband Wife Problems.

How to improve the relationship between husband and wife by remedy for removing conflict between husband and wife-lal kitab remedies for husband wife problems

The biggest challenge reasons for increasing disputes the spouse is that they don’t know the ways to improve the relationship between the husband and wife. Simply put, we can say they are unaware of the remedy for removing conflict between husband and wife. If your life also has become hell because of this and you are suffocating in your relationship. Then you don’t need to anymore. Use the following remedy to bring calmness and happiness to your marriage life again.

  1. The easy way to improve the relationship between husband and wife is that once a week both husband and wife must go to the temple, this strengthens the relationship
  2. The husband and wife should sit and eat together. The relationship between husband and wife becomes good by doing so
  3. The home kitchen is also the main reason for the quarrel between husband and wife. After eating food at night, you should always keep utensils in the kitchen clean. By doing so the relationship between the husband and wife become good
  4. Applying colorful flowers in the bedroom also improves the relationship between husband and wife
  5. To make good the relationship between husband and wife, one should worship Gauri-Ganesh daily, every Tuesday Lord Ganesh should offer laddus
  6. If the relationship between husband and wife is to make good. Then every Saturday evening, the husband and wife should recite the Sunderkand together. By doing this, both of them get into a good relationship very quickly
  7. In addition to this chanting Om Namah Shivaya daily also strengthens the relationship

Simply put, the main reason for fighting is because somewhere we are forgetting our religion, in this busy life we do not even remember God. It is natural for us to feel sad and face problems. Please take a kind note that above Astrological Remedies To Solve Husband Wife Problems should only be done after consulting an expert astrologer.

Best remedies for disputes between husband and wife-Mantra stop fight between husband and wife-If in-laws, Having problems with other relationships than the spouse

Sometimes it happens that in-laws don’t like you for any reason. Like your marriage was against their will. Or you are not conceiving a baby after many years of marriage. And they are pressurizing your husband to do another marriage and so on. If similar is happening to you. Then the following remedies for disputes between husband and wife parents will surely help you. So let’s start and know about this remedy.

  • Make a paste by mixing vermillion in jasmine oil
  • Write “Sitaram” from this vermillion on a green betel leaf
  • Offer this leaf at the feet of Hanuman
  • Pray for happy relationships

After doing this remedy your relationship will definitely improve. You have to recite a mantra to stop fight with husband and wife’s parents. We are not giving mantra here. As it is against Indian scriptures to reveal the mantra in public. So if you want to know about the mantra then you can get in touch with our astrologer. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

What are Lal Kitab remedies for good married life and to have a baby

The most enjoyable experience for any married woman and man is to have children. Everybody wants that they have a baby after marriage. But many couples are deprived of this happiness. Today we are going to tell you Lal Kitab remedies for good married life through which you can conceive a baby very easily. If you are having difficulty. Some special measures of Lal Kitab can simplify and change your life. There are some such measures which can change your destiny completely. Let us know how to solve the child problem which is hampering your married life using the Lal Kitab remedies.

  1. For the attainment of child happiness, feed half of your food to the cow and pray for the child
  2. On the Shukla Paksha, make a swastika by Kumkum on a banyan leaf and put rice and a betel nut on it. And offer it to a Goddess temple. You will soon give birth to a baby which is necessary for a good married life
For more information. Give us a call today. Looking Forward to hearing from you soon.

Disclaimer:- All the remedies and mantra given here are just to give you information and spread awareness among the people about our ancient culture. If you want to take benefits from the remedies and mantra. Then we suggest first get your horoscope analyzed for your problem.

In how many day after using Astrological remedies for marriage problems my relationship with my spouse will improve?

Look dear astrological remdies for marriage problems are not a rocket science that you will do remedy today and you will get the result the very next day. It is not like vashikaran mantra through which you can get the results within 24 to 72 hours.

Can you provide me Lal Kitab remedies for husband Vashikaran?

Yes, out astrologer can provide you Vashikaran remedies to control husband in 24 hours. To know more about Lal Kitab Remedies for Husband Vashikaran benefits. Give us a call today, and talk to our astrologer without spending a penny.