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Is it possible to predict the time period of pregnancy in astrology: It is said that the house where children do not resonate, the house seems to be deserted. In order to maintain a happy atmosphere in the house, newly married couples plan to have children. When does the period of pregnancy will come? Astrologers by astrology can predict it well. 

It is very possible to predict the time period of pregnancy in astrology. But in addition to finding a perfect time period, there are some things that you need to take care of. According to astrologers for a healthy and beautiful baby.

Best time to get pregnant according to your/my Kundali 

Knowing just the best time to get pregnant is not sufficient. Because if your baby will not be healthy and have a healthy mind then will you do with that baby. Here are going to tell you about the best time to get pregnant according to your Kundali

Whenever the moon at the time of transit from your zodiac is not in the fourth, eighth and twelfth house. And moon Have sight or power from Venus or Guru. This is the best time to get pregnant. In this Muhurta, your wife also gets ready for coitus. For pregnancy prediction horoscope free report you can contact us.

Please note you can know by astrology at what age will you get pregnant by horoscope.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to pregnancy prediction by astrology

Question: Is there any special day in the week that increase the probability of getting pregnant.

Answer: According to astrology Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are auspicious days to conceive. On Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday husband and wife should not make physical relations with the wish to have a baby. Because Sun, Mars, and Saturn are sinful planets in Jyotish Shastra. In these days, the child born is not considered auspicious. Keep this in mind and for accurate Pregnancy prediction by kundaliContact us.

Note – In Indian Sanatan Dharma, one day is considered to be complete from one sunrise to another sunrise. If you consider another day after 12 pm then it is wrong. The choice of the above day is significant when you are trying to get pregnant and not the day the baby is born. If you want to predict pregnancy time by date of birth and report of child prediction by date of birth contact us.

Is there a way to know in astrology whether I am pregnant or not?

There is a method that you can easily find out whether you are pregnant or not. So what is the miraculous way, which tells whether a woman is pregnant or not?

To find out if a woman is pregnant or not, write the number of days like Monday number is two. Multiply it by three. Now add the number of dates to it = total digits divide by two. If the result comes one woman is pregnant if zero then the woman is not pregnant.

In the event, you are facing any kind of problem in applying the above formula. You can contact our astrologer for accurate prediction of pregnancy by date of birth/horoscope.

Some FAQs(frequently asked questions):

It is possible to say the gender of the child by looking at the birth chart?

Though methods of calculating the gender from the chart are given in classics, those are based on an accurate time of birth. These calculations are so minute that even change of time of birth by 3 minutes can change these calculations. Hence, it is very difficult to accurately predict the same. moreover, the time of birth is not accurate for any individual, as there are many factors affecting the same.

How does the father and mother horoscope indicate childbirth?

The 5th (sons) and 11th (daughters) house deal with the progeny of both gender. Look for benefic planets (by placement, aspect, conjunction but not combust) in these houses. Therefore, the presence of both houses will tell the birth of a child.

Does child horoscope have an impact on the marital status of the parents?

Yes, definitely child horoscope impacts the marriage life of his/her parents. Moreover, they will get to know after their childbirth. only with the help of astrology. That what is going to happen in the near future within their relationship.

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