planets that are the reason for divorce or separation

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Horoscope prediction of divorce or separation in astrology: There can be many reasons behind the divorce or separation of husband and wife. For instance, frequent fight, extra-marital affairs, misunderstandings, and nature to doubt on partner character.

But today we try to predict divorce or separation in astrology by horoscope. For instance, what are the yogas in horoscopes due to which the person gets divorced? Due to which the husband and wife start to live separately from each other.

In Hinduism, people match the horoscopes for the happy life of the bride and groom. So, that, they do not have to face any kind of difficulties in married life. But still many times the situation becomes such that husband and wife get separated. In spite of Kundali matching before marriage. According to astrology, it happens because of the planets that create a situation like a divorce.

Now the question of discussion here is that. If everything was good like all the Gunas were matching during Kundali matching. Then why the planets are now leading to divorce or separation. Why planets are disturbing married life now? The reason is planets changes their behaviour towards native. Whenever they change their Mahadahsa for a particular zodiac sign. We will discuss more, about this further in this article.

Keep reading this article if you want to know what defects are there in the horoscope that leads to separation or divorce. So let’s start and know about different dosha that creates problem in marriage.

What is Mahadasha-Antardasha of planets in astrology and how it impacts our life

According to Indian astrology, the planets are 9. These 9 planets are divided into 12 zodiac signs. Surya/Sun and Chandra/Moon owned one zodiac sign. The other planets owned two zodiac signs each. So now let’s see what is mahadasha.

The word Mahadasha means that a particular time in which a planet is in its dominant state. Gives auspicious and inauspicious results according to its position in the horoscope. The timing of the Mahadasha of planets is as follows.

Sun/Surya – 6 years
Moon/Chandra – 10 years
Mars/Mangal – 7 years
Rahu – 18 years old
Jupiter/Guru – 16 years
Saturn/Shani – 19 years
Budha- 17 years
Ketu – 7 years
Venus/Shukra – 20 years

Other planets are also given time to visit other zodiac sign native horoscope in the Mahadasha of the main planets. This is called Antardasha. In this time, with the main planet, the Lord of Antardasha also experiences the effects. The planet which will have Mahadasha will first enter its planet. Then other planets will travel in the sequence given above.

For a more precise calculation. The opposite state of the same planets is also calculated in the inner region. This allows estimation of the timing of good and bad events in life by horoscope. For the detailed benefits of Kundali matching, have a look at it or you can contact our astrologer.

Planets responsible for divorce or separation in astrology

According to the Mahadash and Antradasha, the planets impact the life of the native. The main planets that are the reason for divorce or separation are Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu. Below are the astrological significance and solution of all these planets for divorce or separation.

Significance of Jupiter for divorce or separation in astrology

The presence of Jupiter in astrology is of great benefactor. Jupiter is believed to be the master among the planets. But, of course, as Jupiter can produce both good and bad results after combining with other planets. It is necessary to check the placement, whether it is well kept or not.

Taurus makes the 7th house of Scorpio zodiac for Lagna and Jupiter is the 8th house lord. When Jupiter is present in the 7th house it cannot be considered good placement. When you have Jupiter, in the 7th house of Scorpio zodiac. It delays marriage. This is not a good placement for Marital Harmony. This creates misunderstandings with the spouse. Eventually, it leads to divorce or separation. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to get your horoscope to analyze by our astrologer.

Importance of Sun for divorce or separation in astrology

The movement of planets is very important in astrology. The auspicious and inauspicious moves of the planets have a profound effect on one’s life. As the state of the planets changes in the horoscope of the person. Accordingly, a person gets good and bad results. The future and nature of a person can be determined by the movement of the planets.

The sun is called the king of all 9 planets. Any person whose sun is in a strong position in the horoscope. Gets respect and wealth. If the Sun is in an inauspicious position. Then the person doesn’t get a reputation in society. It also causes humiliation and loss of wealth.

  1. In the Ascendant Horoscope, if Sun or Rahu directly see Mercury planet. Also, Venus is in sight of Sun and Moon and Rahu. Then in such a situation divorce occurs.
  2. In the ascendant horoscope, when there is a sight on Venus. By its enemy planets, Sun and Moon and Rahu. Then in such a situation. There is a strong possibility of divorces.

Significance of Mars & divorce or separation in astrology

Mars is the planet of warm nature. It is considered a sin planet. Inauspicious effects of Mars are most visible in marriage and marital life. The wrong position of venus in horoscope causes a lack of happiness in married life. Let us consider some things related to Venus. The sin effect of Mangal is seen in many different ways.

In addition to this, if there is a wrong position of Venus in the birth chart of a man. Then the person will be completely disgusted with sexual activity or will be very cruel. The same situation is with Mars in women’s horoscope. If mars are in the retrograde state in the horoscope of the native. Then that woman will be completely weak or totally devoid of it.

Also sometimes Mars is in the birth chart of a woman. It makes a woman impotent or causes a lack of sexual desire. The same situation is with Venus in the male horoscope. This causes the divorce or horoscope between husband and wife.

Moreover, Mars in the fourth house (Mangal in Fourth Bhava), gives permanent wealth. But makes the householder life miserable. Mangal’s vision is ideological by being in the spouse’s house Differences persist. Due to a lack of love and mutual love. The happiness of the spouse reduces. The distance between husband and wife increases due to Mangal dosh which sometimes also leads to isolation or divorce. So if you want to know whether mars is disturbing your marriage then contact our astrologer.

What are other yogas in astrology that leads to divorce or separation in marriage

  1. If Rahu is making union with Dwadesh and is sitting in the seventh house. Then divorce occurs.
  2. If there is a combination of Rahu with the seventh house. Then divorce occurs.
  3. Rahu’s union with Dwadhesh sitting in the fifth house also leads to divorce.
  4. If there is a combination of Rahu with the seventh house lord as well as a fifth house lord. Then divorce occurs.
  5. If the lord of the seventh house and the lord of the fifth house do the ritual in the tenth house. Then divorce occurs.
  6. There are chances of getting a divorce from husband and wife. If there are sinful planets in the seventh house. And The Moon and Venus are suffering from sinful planets.
  7. If Saptamesh and Dwadhesh are in the sixth, eighth or outer house. And if there are sinful planets in the seventh house. Then there are chances of divorce.
  8. Divorce occurs when there is the sight of the enemy and Saturn on the Sun sitting in the seventh house.

So these were the astrological aspects and some points due to which divorce or separation happens.

Astrological ways to get rid of divorce or separation

Where there are ways to interpret the reasons for divorce or separation by horoscope in astrology. Along with them. There are hundreds of solutions. The easiest and simplest solution to get rid of marital discord, separation and divorce are Ekadash Rudravatar Hanuman.

Hanumanji got Lord Rama and Sita Mata together.  Hanuman Ji crossed the sea for Sita, wife of Ram Ji. Because of Hanuman Ji, Ram Ji was able to reunite his family i.e. Love Kush Rama Sita. Just like that in the seventh house. The malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Sun. That causes divorce or separation can also be made pleasant by going to Hanuman Ji’s shelter. Let’s know-how?

Use the following astrological measures

  1. In the north direction of the house, put a heroic picture of Hanuman Ji
  2. Apply the sindoor on your spouse’s picture. Vermillion should be of the Dakshimukhi Hanuman temple
  3. In the event of divorce due to Rahu. Offer 7 coconuts in the Dakshinmukhi Hanuman temple on Saturday evening. Do seven circumambulations of Dakshinmukhi Hanuman Ji on Saturday evening
  4. In the event of divorce due to Shani. Feed jaggery to the black cow after offering jaggery on the picture of Hanuman Ji on Saturday. Besides this, you can offer 7 olives, 7 guavas, 7 blackberries, 7 plum, 7 almonds, 7 coconuts, 7 black drachmae after tied in black cloth to Hanuman temple
  5. If divorce is happening due to the sun. Offer seven Kandhari to a new couple in the east-facing Hanuman temple on Sunday. Do this for 7 Sunday. Also, you can feed an aged couple. After offering jaggery, bread along with tomato dish to the east-facing Hanuman temple. After sunrise and before sunset
  6. On Tuesday, in the event of divorce due to Mars. Fill wheat in a copper lotus and put red sandalwood on it. Then offer it to the Hanuman temple along with the lotus
  7. To avert divorce on Tuesday, tie 7 pieces of 7 cloves, 7 lemons, 7 betel nuts, 7 nutmeg, 7 millets, 7 sitaphal, 7 copper triangles in red cloth. Then offer it to Hanuman temple
  8. To eliminate or avert divorce 100%. You can wear one 12 Mukhi + one 11 Mukhi + one 10 Mukhi + one Gaurishankar + one 8 Mukhi + one 7 Mukhi +one  6 Mukhi Rudraksha. After energizing the Rudraksha. To get Siddha Rudraksha. You can contact us too. If you want to energize the Rudraksha yourself. You can contact us to get the mantra. That you have to recite. To energize the Rudraksha.

It is highly suggested to consult our astrologer. Before adopting or implementing any of the above remedies to stop divorce or separation.

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Some FAQs(frequently asked questions):

What are the signs of divorce in the horoscope?

Well there are certain signs and symptoms that predict the divorce between the couple. Moreover, as per the astrology, there is the positioning of the planets that tell us whether the relationship is in the situation of further moving. Or it will be stopped because of unwanted things at the present moment.

What is the most effective mantra to stop unwanted marriage?

If you are in need of mantra to stop unwanted marriage. Then I share with you a very simple vashikaran mantra to break the boyfriend’s marriage. You can follow the same or ask me for further details

Does vashikaran love mantra work to stop the divorce?

Yes, definitely vashikaran loves mantra work to stop the divorce. Moreover, love marriage vashikaran expert has complete and thorough knowledge. That how to perform the vashikaran. Moreover, it has no negative effect on the person. Along with the chanting of this mantra, you will easily solve your problems appearing in your relationship. That comes to the position of divorce will automatically stop.

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