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Astrology gives information about the nature, ethics, thoughts and happiness character of the future couple. Before marriage, the horoscope matching of the boy and girl is called Melapaka or Marriage Matching. If you are planning to do marriage. Then you should give first preference to marriage matching before taking any decision. So let’s start and see how to know marriage matching? And why marriage matching is necessary before marriage?

Why Marriage Kundali Matching is necessary

Many so-called educated people don’t give importance to Kundali Matching by name and date of birth. And later faces a lot of problems in marriage. And some times their marriage also leads to the stage of break up. So if you don’t want this happens to you. Then you should pay attention to marriage Kundali matching. Before deciding to marry someone. Below we are going to list out point points. Due to which Janam Patrik Milan is necessary before marriage.

  1. To ensure that after marriage mutual harmony between the two is good
  2. Both have good health after marriage
  3. Both get good physical pleasure after marriage
  4. Neither of the two faces any type of problems in co-ordinating to each other and adjusting with each other
  5. To ensure the good financial condition
  6. And the most important couple does not face a problem in giving birth to a baby

What will happen you if will not do horoscope matching before marriage-horoscope matching in Tamil

Both the boy and the girl should not deprive of above mention happiness. So both of their horoscopes are matched. And if you will not consult an astrologer for horoscope matching. Then you will face problems in maintain harmony or get child happiness. Many times there is a divorce or one of the two becomes a widower or widow. There can be many reasons for this. And these reasons can easily be sorted out using horoscope matching. In the event, you have already married someone without horoscope. Then don’t take tension. Whatever the problems you are facing can be easily solved using astrology. So give us a call today to our Tamil expert of horoscope matching in Tamil.

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How to check Vedic marriage compatibility

Vedic Astrology Compatibility is very helpful when it comes to matchmaking for marriage. Astrologer pays attention to Ashtakoot consists of 36 gunas. It helps in determining mutual equality, friendship. And the relationship between the birth planets and constellations of the boy and the girl.

In Ashtakoot Milan, Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Rashish, Gana, bhatuk, and Nadi are matched. In addition to Ashtakoot Milan, some dosha are also checked like Mangal Dosh.

  • According to astrology, marriage is likely to fail if one gets 18 or fewer gunas out of 36
  • Marriage will be successful if 18-24 gunas are matching, but it is more likely to face problems
  • Matrimonial life is likely to be successful if one gets 24-32 guna matching
  • According to astrology, on getting 32 to 36 qualities, such marriages are very auspicious

For Vedic marriage compatibility, we usually do marriage prediction by dob. As using it most accurate predictions come. If you have any other queries regarding how to know marriage matching? Then feel free to approach our astrologer for your query resolution. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Do we check only guna Milan in marriage compatibility astrology?

No, not at all, in addition to guna Milan in marriage compatibility astrology we also check Navmansh Chart and other doshas. So we can simply put that if your Qualities are matching but there are dosha in your kundali then definitely you will face problems in your marriage. So we advise for marriage compatibility check always consult an astrologer.

Whom to contact for Best Kundli Matching?

For best Kundli matching you can contact our astrologer. He is working in this field for more than 20 years and has a huge experience in turning marriage incompatibility to compatibility with astrological remedies. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us right now. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.