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Are you a woman and you are childless? If yes then definitely you are stressed. Because not having a baby on time can be the most difficult time of a woman. Above all, if the medical reports come clear. Then people in society and sometimes even family members start to call that woman a sterile. That is very painful for any woman. But don’t worry if you don’t have a baby after many years of marriage. You can easily know by your chart/horoscope. When you will get pregnant? When a baby will come in your life and will help you to complete your family. Before start discussing what does your chart says for pregnancy and childbirth? Let’s try to know why you are not conceiving any baby after marriage. In spite of good medical reports of you and your spouse.

Please note that if you want to know how to predict childbirth from horoscope in Tamil. You can use google translate on this page.

Dosha in Chart/Horoscope/Kundali that can deprive you of baby birth

Nadi Dosha:- Many youngsters in the enthusiasm of young get married to their lovers without checking their marriage compatibility. But later they face problems like not having a child. Yes, it is right, From the Ashtakuta Yoga, there is a Yog called Nadi. 

Nadi is of 4 types. If your Nadi and Your spouse have the same Nadi. Then you and your spouse will definitely face problems in giving birth to a child.

It may also be possible that you have checked your marriage compatibility. But still, you are facing a problem in giving childbirth. There can be many reasons behind this. Like you may have not to consult an astrologer and you have checked marriage compatibility through online Vedic love marriage compatibility calculator. It may also be possible that you have consulted an astrologer who has half-knowledge of astrology.

So what to do in all such cases. for such problems, you can contact our astrologer expert in pregnancy astrology by date of birth. They can help you in knowing when will you get pregnant according to your birth date free by horoscope matching of you and your spouse.

Please take a kind note that in the event you don’t understand English and your native language is Tamil or something else. Then you can also contact for pregnancy prediction of horoscope matching in Tamil. So give us a call today. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

According to your kundali when will you get pregnant-What does your chart for pregnancy and childbirth say

Getting pregnant after marriage is the dream of any woman. Because in Indian society, pregnancy is related to social reputation and makes you praiseworthy of family members. Sounds weird but this is a bitter truth. Astrology can help you in knowing when there are chances of you getting pregnant. 

A well qualified and knowledgeable astrologer can tell you. Whenever you will have to go for intercourse with your spouse.

We advise you don’t get into the trap of an online astrology pregnancy calculatorThat claims to tell you when will you get pregnant by date of birth. These are created by fraud astrologers. They did not predict the right and always shows the wrong results.

So can we say astrology prediction is impossible and you cannot predict when will I/you get pregnant without time of birth?

No, it is not possible. There is an art like astrology i.e. numerology.

In numerology, the numerologist only needs your date of birth to predict when will you get pregnant. Even high-knowledgeable numerologist like our astrologer can tell you the date of intercourse with your spouse. So, in conclusion, we can say numerology can help you predict when -will you get pregnant.

In last we will say only if you are interested to resolve flaws in your horoscope and you want to know what your chart says for childbirth and pregnancy. Then get in touch with our astrologer. Without inspecting the horoscope of anyone, we cannot say anything about their pregnancy.

Some FAQs(frequently asked questions):

How do we judge childbirth in astrology?

You can judge the birth of a child with the help of astrology. our astrologer did the predictions of your childbirth on the basis of both the parent’s horoscope. As the horoscope can tell the actual position of the planets and houses that are responsible for the birth of a child.

Is it possible to predict the time period of pregnancy in astrology?

Firstly check the strength of the 5th house in the natal chart with shadbalas. If the 5th houses of the couple are well. Then you must give the priority to the woman’s chart. Then check the strength of the 5th lord and its relation with ascendent. Finally check the strength of Jupiter and his aspect on ascendant and 5th house. If all conditions are satisfied. Therefore, you will get to know the timings of the pregnancy.

Is astrology tells the true results about the pregnancy and childbirth?

Yes definitely astrology tells the 100% true and effective results about the pregnancy and childbirth. moreover, on the basis of the astrologer prediction. You will get to know the actual positions of the planets and the houses in your horoscope.