Love marriage combination in astrology

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At a young age, almost all the people fall in love, but the question is how many of them get married to their love or get their love. Everyone knows that only a few get successful in marrying the person of their choice. Have you ever think why does it happen? Well, if you are looking for the answer to such questions? Then we would like to tell you Astrology is the only way that can clear your doubts. Astrology is a way to know whether the love marriage of lovers will happen or not. It also contains solutions for love marriage problems. So, today we are going to tell you Astrological reason behind love marriage problem. So let’s start without making any delay by taking the name of God. And I pray to Goddess Saraswati to give me blessings and power to clear your every doubt. So let’s start.

How to calculate love or arranged marriage-Astrological Reason Behind Love Marriage Problem

Approx 50-60 years ago, love marriage was not a custom in India, but it is more prevalent today. If you love someone and want to marry him/her and want to know how to calculate love or arranged marriage. Then we would like to tell you Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon, and Mercury are responsible for love marriage. While calculation love marriage prediction by dob in a horoscope one should check these planets and their combination. If you have don’t have any knowledge of astrology. Then you can always contact our astrologer to know the astrological reasons for the love marriage problems that you are facing. So, give us a call today to know Astrological Reason Behind Love Marriage Problem. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Love marriage combination in astrology-planetary combinations that creates problems in love marriage

  • The sight of Mars in the seventh house on any form causes marital problems
  • If Saturn sees the seventh house or is situated in the seventh house, then it bothers the native willing to do love marriage
  • The position of Sun and Rahu in the Lagna or seventh can also cause problems after love marriage

Please note that there is much more love marriage combination astrology in marriage, that decides the success of love marriage. So, if you are also suffering from any marital problem i.e. suffering before love marriage or sufferings after love marriage. Then contact us, we assure that we are able to get rid of these problems. If you are taking the help of astrology. Then you should maintain trust with astrology, if astrology can help you diagnose the reason for your problem accurately, then it is also able to solve your problem.

Astrological remedies for marriage problems-Telugu astrology marriage prediction solutions-Astrological Reason Behind Love Marriage Problem Solution

The following are a few astrological remedies for marriage problems that can do a miracle in your life. In the event, you are facing problems in your love marriage.

  1. There are two Paksha of every month, Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha. You have to do that when Shukla Paksha comes, keep the fast of Lord Shiva on the first Monday. Till your marriage is done, keep doing this remedy. It is said that one gets the desired life partner and early marriage is possible by this remedy
  2. Worship the Shwetark tree with incense, lamps. After this, break the eight leaves and prepare a plate with seven leaves. Write your name on the eighth leaf and offer it to Lord Shiva
  3. ప్రతి నెలలో కృష్ణ పక్ష మరియు శుక్ల పక్ష అనే రెండు పక్షాలు ఉన్నాయి. శుక్ల పక్షం వచ్చినప్పుడు మీరు దీన్ని చేయాలి, మొదటి సోమవారం శివుని ఉపవాసం ఉంచండి. మీ వివాహం పూర్తయ్యే వరకు, ఈ పరిహారం కొనసాగించండి. ఒకరు కోరుకున్న జీవిత భాగస్వామిని పొందుతారని మరియు ఈ పరిహారం ద్వారా ప్రారంభ వివాహం సాధ్యమని చెబుతారు
  4. ధూపం, దీపాలతో శ్వేతార్క్ చెట్టును ఆరాధించండి. దీని తరువాత, ఎనిమిది ఆకులను విచ్ఛిన్నం చేసి, ఏడు ఆకులతో ఒక ప్లేట్ సిద్ధం చేయండి. ఎనిమిదవ ఆకుపై మీ పేరు వ్రాసి శివుడికి అర్పించండి

Before doing the above Telugu remedies for marriage prediction solutions please once consult our astrologer to get your horoscope to analyze by our astrologer. To know if these remedies are sufficient or you have to do any other additional remedies too to make your love marriage successful.

Do you provide free marriage prediction, I want to know will I ever get married by horoscope?

Yes, we do provide free marriage prediction and can tell you when will you get married. But if you want the solution for the same then you have to pay for that. Because according to ancient scripture a measure only gives results after Dakshina.

How to know by marriage astrology will my marriage be love or arranged?

To know will your marriage be love arranged by astrology you must have complete knowledge of Vedic astrology rules to analyze the planetary positions in your horoscope and their results in different gochar etc. Or you can also contact our astrologer who will provide you marriage prediction at very nominal and competitive charges.