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Pregnancy prediction by kundali: Having a child is the biggest happiness in the world. In today’s era, when young men and women get married, they think of having children in their married life. But sometimes problems arise in conceiving a baby which can be rectified through Pregnancy prediction by kundali. This is the best way to predict pregnancy time by date of birth. because we got mails about when will i get pregnant astrology prediction free then for getting this info we suggest you to follow complete article here.

There are many people in the world who do not get the happiness of children. Even after many years of marriage. Sometimes people look at them with bad eyes, taunt them, even family members sometimes. It is also seen that if a woman does not have children. Then her husband and the householders throw them out of the house saying that you are infertile. Can not advance the lineage. If something similar is happening with you. Because You are facing a problem in conceiving a baby. 

Then you do not need to be disturbed. If you are medically and physically are fit. Because the childbirth prediction by kundali/horoscope is possible. An astrologer after inspecting Kundli for child prediction can tell you whether your horoscope has or is not progeny. If it is why it is hindering your child’s attainment. Which planet is in which house in the horoscope and with whom it is interacting? Which planet is hindering you in getting a child? So if you want to know when will you get pregnant by astrology. Contact our astrologer for Kundali Matching for a free pregnancy prediction horoscope.

Which conditions of the planets make strong child yoga in horoscope- Pregnancy prediction by kundali

Just as the life of any person without marriage is considered incomplete. Similarly, the family is considered incomplete without children. Here we will discuss with you the strong yoga that planets make in the horoscope for healthy childbirth.

  1. When the auspicious planets sit in the fifth house. Then the chances of conceiving child yoga become strong.
  2. When Venus is good in the horoscope of the native.
  3. Then venus makes an auspicious yoga for having a baby in the womb
  4. When Venus is looking at the fifth or is in the fifth house. In these circumstances, the possibilities of having a child become strong
  5. The relation of Lagna and panchamesh also makes good yoga for childbirth in the horoscope
  6. The Jupiter in the Lagna or in the eleventh house. In addition to this Jupiter Mahadasha also makes a strong sum of progeny. 

Which planets in the horoscope/Kundali/Kundli lead to the death of child in mother womb or miscarriage

If sinful planets have sight on the auspicious planets. Then in such circumstances, there may be a delay in childbirth. For example,

  1. If Rahu is seeing the fifth house directly, then the child can be harmed
  2. Even mortal yoga is for the child, otherwise, the obstacle is certain
  3. The factor of childbirth is the fifth house. If sinful planets are lying on it, then it creates problems in conceiving a baby. This hinders the child from being born
  4. Sometimes a child is born dead or dies after some time after being born. Then the reason for this according to astrology, are sinful planets

If a person is concerned about the child, then he should get his horoscope studied with the learned astrologers. And try to know the role of which planet is causing infertility. Is there any adverse condition of the planets that is causing a delay in the generation of children. So if you want to know according to Kundali when will you get pregnant. Get in touch with our astrologer for free Pregnancy prediction by kundali for childbirth.

Is astrology pregnancy calculator are reliable-Can help u to Know when will i get pregnant astrology prediction free

Nope……All the online astrology pregnancy calculators out there are not reliable. You cannot rely on the astrology pregnancy calculator for the prediction of childbirth. They work on a few metrics after feeling a few details. Like they tell you whether you will have a boy/a girl as a child. They give results on the bases of data pre-stored in them. They tell you on the basis of the report issued by the world population control organization and census. These calculators use the data of this to tell you whether you have a girl child or a boy child. Like if according to the census in October month more boys born than the girl and you have conceived a baby in October they calculator will show you. You will likely give birth to a boy. 

So to predict pregnancy accurately. Get your Kundli for Getting Pregnant to a well-qualified on call astrology solution astrologer.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on astrological prediction for Getting Pregnant

What are the Reasons for Delay in Progeny or Child as per Astrology?

As per astrology, if sinful planets are sitting in the 5th house. And if sinful planets have sight on the auspicious planets that help in childbirth. Then hindrances come in the birth of the child.

Is it possible to know Child Prediction by Date of Birth? and when will i get pregnant astrology prediction free?

when will i get pregnant astrology prediction free

Absolutely yes. But for this, you have to consult with a knowledgeable astrologer.

Can an astrologer help you conceive a baby through astrology?

If there any malefic planets creating hindrances in bearing you a child. Then definitely using astrological remedies you can make malefic/sinful planets work in your favor. When they will start to work in your favor then definitely you will be able to conceive a baby.

What is the Role of Planet Jupiter in childbirth according to Astrology?

Jupiter’s position should be auspicious for the birth of a healthy baby after conceiving it.

What can I do to conceive a baby as per astrology?

As per Lal Kitab astrology, you can worship child form of Lord Shri Krishna. You can recite Lord Shri Krishna Putra Prapti Paath. Besides this, you have to do remedy for the peace of sinful planets. But for that, you have to consult us for Childbirth Prediction and remedy in Kundli.

How Vedic Astrology analyzes the State of Pregnancy in one’s life?

In Vedic astrology, first of all, the horoscope/Kundali of the coupe is matched to check their marriage compatibility. If they have married without Kundali Matching. Because sometimes Nadi dosha in Kundali also leads to this. If there is Nadi Dosha in Kundali. Then according to pooja is done to nullify its effect. 

Sometimes also tells after inspecting Kundali when you have to go for intercourse for Childbirth. After checking the horoscope for the most suitable time of conceiving a baby. So for Child Prediction By Horoscope & Pregnancy by Vedic Astrology. Contact us.