check divorce in kundli

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If your marriage is facing problems and you are from those couples whose marriage starts ruining. Then in such case astrology, and even numerology can be proven to be the best option by the help of which you can predict divorce. Because there are certain yog in your kundli that are measure by the date of birth through astrologer. Then the yogs that predict is there is a divorce in your kundli are get to know you when you just visit

Why you are in need to check divorce yod in kundli?

As when your relationship starts disturbing and even due to this you have to face a lot of problems in your marriage life. Then it is that situation when your marriage life is coming to its endpoint. And there are certain of the signs that can reveal into your kundli as a dosh which is responsible for the divorce. And these are as follows:

  • The first and foremost is that when the sun position gets weak because of coming into the influence of the malefic planet that is the 7th house lord.
  • The other one is that when the Rahu and Ketu also get is positions combined with the sun.
  • Then it is so sure that it weakens the positions and even leads to the disturbance into the relationship. Causes divorce-related problems.

How our astrologer can check divorce in kundli by date of birth?

If you want to get done with the divorce prediction by astrology. Then our astrologer can let you know for free by the way of your date of birth. Then there are certain of the houses in your kundli. That is responsible for the divorce. And these signs are mention here as in the following manner:

  • The first and foremost is the 4th house. That is responsible for family relations. If in case this house is weak. Then it is so sure that disharmony and complications can arise in the family relations that lead to problems between the partners.
  • The other one is the 7th house. That is responsible for the relationship formation. And if in case the position of the 7th house tart getting week. Then due to this. Your relationship has to duffer a lot of problems and even it starts ending and reaches to the point of divorce.
  • The last house is the 8th house. Which ensures the sexual life of the couples. And if inc case the malefic planets get their position combined with the 8th house. Then it will lead to the divorce problem in your relationship.

Why you have to take the help of our astrologer to know the timing of divorce in your astrology?

As our astrologer is a gold medalist in the field of astrology. He can study the position of the planets and the houses in your horoscope. All the predictions that our astrologer can be done all are true and even genuine. Because he has years of experience in this field. Thus, here are the few o the thing on the behalf of which he can predict your divorce. And these are mention here as in the following manner:

  • As Divorce can happen in the Dasha of 7th house lord.
  • And if it is associated with 6th or 8th house. Then divorce may also happen.
  • It can happen during that time period when the planets that are affected by the 4th house especially if they also get their position into the 6th, 8th or 12th house too.


If you also get done with the prediction of our divorce in your marriage. Then it is possible to happen. And even we are sure that by reading this article. You can get the completely information.