Astrology and Weather Forecasting

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What weather prediction astrology basically means: Astrology in its term defines as the way. By which you can predict the future in advance. Moreover, because of the prediction, you can solve the future coming problems. Weather prediction astrology is also one of the ways through which you can know about future weather conditions. For example, the weather is stormy, sunny. Cold or cyclonic. If you want to know how the weather is related to the astrology scroll the whole content.

What astrological theory reveals about the astrology?

According to the theory of astrology as mentioned by ancient society. That all phenomenon including rainfall, floods, etc., are regulated by planetary movements. Moreover, the positions of planets and stars play a very important role in weather forecasting.

Meanwhile, some scientists have been indirectly endorsing the astrological theories. Astrology and Weather Forecasting plays an important role in the same.

When precipitation data is a plot in terms of the Moon’s phases. It was found that there are more chances of heavy rain. Moreover, it is likely to occur most frequently. For example for about four days after full Moon. And then reach a secondary peak about 4 days after the new Moon.

Similarly, if it is explained in other words the greatest amount of rainfall. Especially when the Moon was either 45 degrees or 225 degrees from the Sun. These findings were base on the study of data taken from precipitation statistics. These are the ones who do the prediction of weather and different climatic changes that take place from a different time to time.

According to the astrology of weather prediction what are the reasons for weather changing?

The positions of planets in the north of the celestial equator. Mainly had a definite influence on the movements of the pressure-systems for periods of whole seasons. It must always be understood that there is a “human element” that gives the wrong results and that it is not the fault of nature.

It has been found that when Jupiter is in perihelion. There is a great drought. And when in aphelion there is more dampness and cold weather than regular days. When a planet enters Cancer it will influence more the weather in the Northern Hemisphere. However, the weather of the Southern Hemisphere is more influence. Especially when the sign is Capricorn. Moreover, the season, time of the month, day and many other factors taken into consideration before a forecast is made.

As for the analysis, when the sun and moon are in neutral astronomy. There will be winds. When they are in feminine astronomy there will be lightning and phosphorescence. Moreover, and when the sun masculine astronomy or sun feminine astronomy there will be rain.

When the Sun occupies as an earthy sign. Meanwhile, the Moon, Mercury, and Venus occupy watery signs. Similarly, at that time if a rainbow is seen on the western side. Then also there will be the plenty amount of rain.

How with the help of position of planets, signs and houses prediction of weather condition is possible?

If you want to know how the weather is change. On the basis of planets and houses. Read the below further context. Because knowing about the weather is really an interesting fact. Moreover, in this, we tell you astrology plays a role in weather prediction.

The traditional seven planets all relate to one or many of the elements. For example earth, air, fire, and water. Although, we get involved here with the astrology of weather prediction. The Sun and Mars are hot, fiery, dry planets. The Moon and Venus are soft, watery, feminine planets. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical system, provides further correlations of the planets to the elements.

Weather prediction astrology on the basis of charts to use:

  • Lunation charts i.e. the four phases of the moon each month. These give weekly trends. This covers the moisture picture for the week that the chart is in effect.
  • Mercury ingress charts cover the air movement for the period of time that Mercury is in a particular sign. Time on this one may vary.
  • The sunrise chart is set for the personal location and may be read in conjunction with the other charts for confirmation on conditions that they show.
  • About half of the conditions of the forecast are described by the planets in the 4th house, the sign. They are in and the aspects to other planets and sensitive points.
  • Include the Sign on the 4th House cusp as the next influence.
  • About one-quarter of the information comes from the Planets in the 1st House. Along with the Sign they are in and the aspects they make.
  • The ascendant is a secondary influence.
  • Look also at the planets, which rule the 1st and 4th houses and consider their signs and aspects.

Weather prediction astrology on the basis of planets:

Sun: warm, dry, calm unless in violent combination.

Moon: chilly, wettest of all planets.

Mercury: wind, cool to cold, tends to dryness.

Venus: under venu8s we find a warm, moist influence, tends to lower the barometer.

Mars: acute, heat, extreme, when combining with other violent planets.

Jupiter: warm, pleasant breezes, under the right conditions can be a big wind, tends to dryness.

Saturn: cold, wet, long-lasting, extend gloom, stubborn and determine to typically produce cold and damp conditions. That can further aggravate when other testimonies occur.

Uranus: cold, dry, record-breaker, expect changes, reversals, unstable lightning, squalls cold, dry air masses resulting in weather freezes and summer cold fronts attribute to the power of Uranus.

Neptune: cool, wet, fog, mist erosion in the earth sign, peculiar, freakish weather events, flooding natural events lies to the lower the ability of the barometer.

Pluto: cool, violent and intense depending on another chart.

Weather prediction astrology on the basis of signs:

Aries:  warm, hot, dry — a movable sign and can bring in some wind.
Taurus:  cool, wet, a moderating influence and can be steady, farmer’s rain.
Gemini: tends to cold, dry, fair, clouds moving, open sky, fluctuations in temp.
Cancer:  cooling off to cold, wet, chance of rain with downpours, short-term wet.
Leo:  hot and dry; the most still sign; in winter, melting snow.
Virgo:  cold, dry, on the cool side with winds; blustery.
Libra:  cool, lower temps rather than heat, airy breezes, favors dry; pleasant.
Scorpio:  extremes, really wet/dry or hot/cold, con/destructive; oppressive; this sign intensifies the action of the rest of the chart. Never fails to bring an extreme.
Sagittarius:  warm, dry, clear and sunny; pleasant, Indian summer, Jan. or Feb. thaw.
Capricorn:  coldest, storms, low temps in winter; can add to the heat in summer; can be severe and long, periods of wet, especially on 1st or 4th.
Aquarius:  cold, dry and crisp; lightning; very changeable; adds to storm charts.
Pisces:  cool, wet, mild, seasonable; moderates indications, second to Taurus.


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