Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator

It is often seen that soon after marriage. The new couple starts planning for the child. But many times it happens that even if you want a million. The sum of children does not become, and many times even if you do not want. You get this good news. Do you know why this happens? Or do you want to know your pregnancy time or when you will get pregnant? Astrology has the answer to this question.

According to astrologers, the position of planets in the native’s horoscope can be used to predict. Whether there is a sum of children in the horoscope of the native. So let us know which are such yogas in your horoscope. That tells you, you will get pregnant or not. Above all when will you get pregnant.

There are many Pregnancy calculators out there. But the results of any pregnancy calculator in India are not reliable. Because of these works on medical principles. Sometimes they give accurate results. Sometimes just opposite to your expectation.

So, is there any way to predict pregnancy time by date of birth/birthdate.

Yes astrology, is a way to predict pregnancy time accurately. But for that, you have to consult an astrologer. Provided he knows all the pros and cons of planets position in birth chart/kundali/horoscope. In the event, you are not finding any such astrologer nearby you. You can contact our on call astrology solution astrologer.

Our astrologer has many years of experience in astrology. He has thousands of satisfied clients all over the world. His knowledge is so vast. Because of his knowledge and always accurate prediction. He is popular among his clients by the name human calculator of pregnancy by month.

Auspicious and inauspicious signs of astrology, which pregnant women or women willing to pregnant should not forget and ignore

Besides getting pregnant. Every woman has a desire to have a child. That is virtuous, cultured, strong, and has longevity. Vedic astrology mentions many rites from birth to death. In astrology, there are some remedies mentioned. During pregnancy which if taken care of. The child born will be virtuous and cultured.

For Beautiful and Attracting Baby

In the room of pregnant women. A picture or statue of Lord Krishna’s child form must be kept. During the pregnancy, seeing the picture of Bal Gopal in the room. Again and again, make the pregnant woman happy and beautiful baby born.

For Protectin from Evil Powers

It is auspicious to keep peacock feathers in the room. To protect the child from negative powers during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, spraying yellow rice throughout the house. Removes negative energy. Because in astrology, yellow rice is an indicator of suspicious activity. So doing so will protect the child and the mother.

It is believed that during pregnancy. Negative powers are most attracted to mother and child. Therefore copper or iron items should be kept nearby, pregnant lady.

What pregnant women should not does even by mistake

  1. During pregnancy, both the husband and wife should sleep keeping their heads in the south. Sleeping with feet in the south direction is inauspicious
  2. Pregnant woman’s room should not have photographs of forefathers (PITRA)
  3. There should not be any violent picture in the room. Like Mahabharata or a photo of a wild animal
  4. During pregnancy, the woman should not keep her hair open. Especially at bedtime/during sleep
  5. During pregnancy, the woman in the room where she sleeps. Should not have broken and old things stored under her bed

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) related to pregnancy prediction by astrology/pregnancy calculator

Does the online future due date pregnancy calculator has any relevance with astrology?

Nope, astrology has no relevance with online future due-date pregnancy calculator. Because such calculators work on the previous menstrual period. While astrology is a game of planets and Nakshatra. The reverse due date calculator has also the same funda.

How astrologer can predict pregnancy month so accurately every time while pregnancy month calculator does not?

The latter question answer is given in the previous question. The former question’s answer is whenever in your natal chart 5h house is good. You are likely to get pregnant easily. But if any malefic planet has a direct sight on the 5th house. Then there might be some problems. But that can be resolved through astrological remedies.

Can astrologer predict the delivery date of pregnancy means how long it will be from my horoscope/Kundali/Chart?

Yes, But in addition to your horoscope, an astrologer needs to inspect the horoscope of your husband too?

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