Lakshmi pujan

Lakshmi pujan

Lakshmi pujan is basically the puja that is done on the festival of Diwali. This festival is usually celebrated in the memory of Lord Rama. When winning the battle over Ravan by defeating him. And become successful in getting back her wife goddess Sita.

And on the date when they reached to the Ayodhya. That day is celebrated as the festival called Diwali. In the year 2020 Diwali falls on 14 November. That day people can worship the goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. So that you can be able to bring peace, prosperity and even progress too in your life as by increasing your wealth.

What samagri you are in requirement for the Lakshmi pujan?

Thus, in order to worship the goddess Lakshmi and the lord Ganesh on the day of Diwali. You are in need of certain of the samagri. By the help of which you can be able to do the puja. And worship them for your health and wealth.

  • The main thing that you are in need is a murti of the goddess Lakshmi and also the Shri Ganesh.
  • And also the roli ( kumkum or a red sindoor ) apply on the forehead, as well as a red kalava ( moli ) that is a tie on the hands.
  • Also rice, paan, the leaves of the paan, Kapoor, dhup, agarbatti.
  • A big four sides diya along with small one-sided diyas, a mala of marigold flowers, lotus leaves, new cloth and also silver coins, fruits and even the keel khiloni that are made of sugar in the hard form and are eatable.
  • Along with a mat or asan on which you sit for doing the Lakshmi pujan.

What is the shubh muhrat for doing the lakhmi puja?

Well, basically the Diwali can come on the new Moon day. That is also called the Kartik maas. And in this 2020 it falls on 14 November because Chaturdashi is also on the same day at 1;16 for the 16 minutes.

And later on, the Amavasya can be started. So that shubh muhrat on which you have to do the Lakshmi pujan is commencing from the 5:40 pm in the evening and ends at the 8:15 pm at night. So you can do the Lakshmi pujan in between this time period. If you want to make it successful.

In what way you can do the Lakshmi pujan?

There are certain of the steps that you have to follow in order to do the Lakshmi pujan. As for this you have to perform certain steps and these are;

  • At first, you have to take one big flat plate. In it place the Deepavali that is made from the clay.
  • Then light the candles on the four of its corner.
  • After that light one four face Diya in front of it.
  • And place the murti of Lakshmi and Ganesh on the flat plate.
  • And spread the kheel khilaune and also fuliya in that plate.
  • By making the symbol of Ganesh.
  • And also put the silver coins along with fruits into the plate.
  • And apply the kumkum tilak on the murtis at first. Then on all the members of the family.
  • Once you have done with this, then read the Lakshmi katha and also her arti.

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