It is possible to predict the time period of pregnancy in astrology?

It is possible to predict the time period of pregnancy in astrology

Well, the family can complete only when the children can be born. And without children neither the actual happiness can come nor the strongness that is formed in between the husband-wife. But still, there are a lot of couples who are planning to conceive a baby. But they are unsure about the time. Then we let you know that it is possible to predict the time period of pregnancy in astrology.

How astrology can help you in conceiving a baby?

Astrology is the study of the planets and the positions in the horoscope of the person. And when any lady after the marriage plans to conceive a bay. Then she at first go to the doctor. And take advice from her. That is it the right time for conceiving a baby. But when she refused after seeing your medical conditions.

Then surely all hopes can get lose. And at that time through astrology. You will get to know the exact timings. At which you can be able to conceive a baby and make your own happy family.

How through kundli you can get done with your child prediction by date of birth?

Well, there are certain of the positions in the kundli of the person. That reveal when you will get pregnant and along with that whether you give birth to a male child or a female child. And through these, it is surely possible to predict the time period of pregnancy in astrology.

  • At first, there are the 2nd, 5th and even the 10th house. That is responsible for giving birth to a child.
  • And for the male child, the planets that are responsible are sun as well as Jupiter.
  • On the other hand, the planets that are responsible for the birth of a girl child is Mercury.
  • So according to date of birth. Those persons in whose birth dates. There are 1 and 3 number. Like (18). This birth date has number 1. Then as like other dates too. Then those such females give birth to a male child.
  • And if there is the presence of any of them from 2, 5 or the 6. Then you may give birth to a girl child.
  • But when 8 number can appear on your birth date. Then it means you are not soon conceiving a baby in your life. As it will get delayed.
  • Along with that if the rest numbers 7 or 9 present in the date of birth. Then it reveals mishappenings in conceiving a child. As either, it leads to miscarriage of a mother or in case a child can take its birth. Then it is cesarian that we also called as through operation.

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