How To Predict Love Marriage

How To Predict Love Marriage

Many people want to know whether their marriage will be love or arrange. Will they get success in love marriage or will it fail? Or will there be a conflict in love marriage due to third person? Well, there is good news for you if you also have such questions. You can predict love marriage chances or you can say success rate by astrology. So if you also want to know how to predict love marriage by astrology then keep reading this article.

Our Indian society is not able to accept love marriage with such freedom. Although for the people with changing thinking with time, love marriage is no longer an issue. But in many middle-class families, parents themselves see their life-partner for their daughter-son. To make a marriage, horoscope etc. are all seen. But in spite of all these, somewhere, thousands of questions revolve in the mind of the boy and the girl. There are also many who are praying for the success of their love marriage. So if you are also among those who think that what is the solution that your love marriage will be successful. So, on this issue, we are going to tell you some measures which you will get success by doing. But before that let’s have a look over astrological planetary combinations and yogas that astrologer sees to predict love marriage.

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How to know the possibility of love marriage

  • When 2 people have an attraction in Mars and Venus, they will have a love marriage. If the planet of one sees the planet of the other but the planet of the one does not see the planet of the other, then the love will be one-sided
  • In a horoscope, marriage takes place with the causative planet 5 or if 5 is related to 2, 7, 11. Then love marriage takes place. If the love planet is associated with the planet 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. Then the love marriage doesn’t happen
  • If the sub lord of the Saptam dominant act of the fifth, then love marriage definitely happens

So this is how you can know the possibility of love marriage. Besides this, there are many other factors, planets, yogas in Kundali that enable an astrologer to predict love marriage. So if you also want to predict love marriage then we suggest you consult our astrologer for free marriage prediction in Hindi by date of birth and provide him with your birth details.

How to calculate love or arranged marriage by palmistry

Although there are many lines on the palm of a person. But the line of marriage is in the horizontal position in the lower part of the smallest finger, which you call a little figure. The part under the little finger is called Mercury Mountain. By the way, there can be more than one marriage line in your palm. and if the marriage line is seen with clear and reddish in color. Then that person will have a love marriage and his marital life will be very happy. So this is how you can calculate love or arranged marriage. Palmistry is a very vast subject you can talk to our expert who has knowledge of hand lines and can help you understand better. So give us a call today to our expert and ask them How to predict love marriage. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Free marriage prediction Astrology-love marriage prediction by date of birth

If you are also confused about the success of your love marriage, you will surely find a solution and you will be able to fulfil the dream of living a joyful life with your lover. Yes, this is such a life that lovers and girlfriends live every day. And you can make it possible for you too by astrology. So let’s hope that you can live a happy life with a lover by removing the obstacles that come in the way of love marriage by contacting our astrologer.

  1. The fifth and seventh house of your horoscope has an important place in love marriage
  2. The combination of Panchamesh and Saptamesh in the fifth or seventh house or changing the zodiac sign of both shows the possibility of love marriage
  3. Similarly, changing the place of Lagnesh and Saptamesh is also the reason for love marriage
  4. If your horoscope shows that there is a moon and lagnesh in your ascendant – then there is a possibility of love marriage
  5. If there is a seventh moon and moon in the seventh, then love turns into marriage for sure

So this is how to do love marriage prediction by dob. And for your free marriage prediction if you are having any difficulty in your love marriage. Get in touch with our astrologer for love marriage prediction by date of birth and solution of love marriage problems. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

How to know will I have love or arranged marriage?

To know will you have love or arranged marriage. You can get in touch with our expert astrologer. They can help you to predict love marriage and if you are facing any problem then they will also provide you the solution.

Can I rely on love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth calculator?

Well, we cannot say about it because we don't know which website love or arranged marriage prediction calculator you are using. So better would be you consult an astrologer who will provide you an accurate prediction on which you can blindly trust upon.

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