How to make your enemy mad

How to make your enemy mad

In our life, we come across a lot of people. And especially when we reach to teenage. Then due to change in the hormones of the person body. We all feel in the opposite manner. As if we meet with some of the people that can build up the beautiful and the healthy ora around us. But we feel that they are not good for us and always tell all the things to you are not for the sake of us. But the reality is completely different from it. And actually, the persons with whom you start mixing actually our enemies and we are completely unaware of their intentions. But if you any know through their activities get to know they are not good for you. And want to stop there and make your enemy mad.

Then definitely there are certain of the possible steps in the form totke jiski madad se aap apne Dushman ko pagal kr skte hai. And be able to get rid of your enemy permanently.

What are the ways by which you can make your enemy mad?

There are certain of the ways that can help you in the most genuine form if you want to take revenge from your enemy by making him mad. And these ways are mention here as in the following manner:

  • The first thing is that you have to act in a smart way: As it means that may form of activity you can perform in your daily life. You have to do it in a pre-planned manner. And perform in that manner through which your enemy is completely unknown about it.
  • The next thing is that when you can talk to your enemy you have to act as nicely as like you are his friend: If you can talk to your enemy as like your friend. And not make him/her feel that you know about his deeds and intentions that he is planning towards you. Then definitely you can be able to know about his thought process or plans which he made to disturb your life. And when you know each and everything before his taking action. You can protect yourself and make your enemy mad.
  • Along with that, you don’t have to develop any fear in your mind that things can get change: Then definitely you this unafraid behaviour can make your enemy feel that any of the things if he can do against you. You don’t get effect anymore. And he himself step back from your life permanently.

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