How to make your enemy jealous

How to make your enemy jealous

If you feel that now all the things can cross their limits and the water gets over your head. Just because of your enemy. If he all the time plans to perform all such activities by the help of which he can make you feel let down, as by insulting you in front of your favourites and loving ones. Then definitely no one can bears this thing at all. That someone who doesn’t like us at all. It’s okay with that. But if he turns on his behaviour on the negative side and also makes you feel embarrassed in front of each and every one. Then in order to stop his that nature. You have to do something and that should be thrilling enough for him. So if you can try to make your enemy feel jealous.

And make him also sure that you no more effects in any of the way. He will himself step back from affecting your life. Because the ways we tell you. By the help of those aap apne dushman ko pagal kar skte hai.

What are the ways you have to adapt to make your enemy jealous?

Now here in this paragraph, we will let you know some of the ways by the help of which you can definitely be able to make your enemy jealous from you and also your things. And for this, there are certain of the ways that you have to adopt. And these are mention here as in the following manner:

  • The first and foremost thing is that you have to try enough hard that you can be able to beat your enemy in all the sports activities: If in case your enemy is good in the sports. Then definitely he never expects one thing that is his defeat. That anyone can come and defeat him in which he gains the expertise. You this beat can definitely make him feel jealous and low down his moral. 
  • The other one is that you do not have to give even a single chance by which your enemy can make you feel let down: If your enemy can try to certain of the things that makes you feel let down actually. But in front of him, you have to behave in that manner that you didn’t get the effect from his any of the deeds and avoid him as much as you can. 
  • Along with that you also have to find out the weak points of your enemy. As like for what sort of thing is obsessed towards that, his emotions and feelings are interconnected to which person. And after that if you can try to stab on those certain things from which your enemy closely attached. Then definitely you can be able to affect him and ruin his life completely.

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