How to make your enemy cry

How to make your enemy cry

If any of the people in your life crosses his limits and always try to make you feel harm and hurt. Then definitely this nature can affect your life in an adverse manner. Because he just plans and makes the strategies that by anyhow he can effect each and everything of your life. Lekin apne dushman se badla lene k liye and also make your enemy cry. So that he can realise his mistake for the deeds which he had done with you in terms of disturbing your life. 

What could be the reasons because of which your enemy wants to destroy your life?

As there are several of the reasons on the behalf of which we can know the reason due to which your enemy can put his efforts to destroy your life completely. And these few of the reasons are mention here as in the following manner:

  • The first and foremost is that you can meet with your enemy at any of the places. If you are a school going, child. And any of your school mates can who feels jealous about your work and also from the activities. Then definitely he can try to harm you and make you feel hurt. 
  • Along with this if you can make an enemy in your professional life. Then it might be possible that he can affect your life just because he feels jealous of your success in the business. You day by day reach to the growth. But he is not able to make his career successful. Then surely he put some plans that in turn only destroy your life. 
  • And if you have a friend circle. But among all of your friends, there is one that person who can who dislike you, as it might be possible that your nature or behaviour not makes him feel comfortable. Then he can thinks to affect your badly.

How you can make your enemy cry?

If you really get fed from your enemy and wants to get rid of him by taking revenge from him. Then definitely you can be able to do as when you will take the help of black magic. Once performing the black magic you can make your enemy cry. This is because black magic is that kind of magic. Which is completely formed through the evil powers. And even when a person can know that how he has to build up his control over the mind and destroy him completely. Thus, the black magic mantra by the help of which you can be able to make your enemy cry is:

|| Om namoh kaal rupaya amukh haan haan kuru kuru swaha ||

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