Friendly and enemy signs of planets

Friendly and enemy signs of planets

Well, life is a blend of happiness and sorrows. In our life, we can come across a lot of people. Some of them become are good friends and some who feels jealous of our work and activities. Not feels happy and delighted even after seeing our happiness. Can become the enemies in our life. And if we have both friends and enemies in our life. Then definitely there are a certain friendly and enemy signs of the planets.

And through these planets knowledge aap apne dushman ko apne kadmo main jhuka skte hai. So, what are those planetary signs which show about the friends and the enemies is let you know in the below paragraph.

What are the signs of those planets which show friends in life?

Well 11th house and its lord is itself the owner of the house. That can play a great role in the person life is he us having friends. As there are certain planets like sun, moon mercury, Jupiter and even the Venus. And like any of the planets from all these planets can get their positions placed into the 11th house. With their strong influence. Then definitely it can be the reason for bringing good wishes for the person in his life in the form of friends. 

What are those signs which are responsible for bringing the enemy in the life of the person?

If you have an enemy in your life and he always tries to disturb all your things. By keeping his evil watch on all the activities that you can perform. Then definitely there are certain of the planetary positions in your horoscope due to which you have made an enemy in your life. Along with that through these planet signs of the enemy when you are choosing your friends in your life.

You can be able to develop your selective choice towards each and every person. That whom you want in your life as your friends and whom you do not want. So that later on, you don’t have to feel hurt. If your friend can turn into your enemy.

And if this happens with you that a person who earlier is your friend suddenly turns into your enemy. Because a certain level of disliking’s can be built up in between you and him. Then it is because of the strong influence of the mars and the Saturn in your kundli. And when these two planets the Mars and Saturn get placed into the 6th house. Then it can show that there is a presence of the enemy in your life.

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