Dushman ko khatam Karne ka upay

Dushman ko khatam Karne ka upay

Yadi aap vaastav mein apane dushman se tang aa chuke hain aur yahaan tak ​​ki use pooree tarah se khatam karana chaahate hain. Taki aap apne dhusham se chutakara paa ske. tab nishchit roop se aapako sabase shaktishaalee tareekon kee aavashyakata hotee hai, jinkee madad se aap apane jeevan kee un sabhee samasyaon ko dur kr skai. Aur Dushman ko khatam Karne ka upay unme se ek shaktishali upay hai.

What is the upay by the help of which you can destroy your enemy?

Well, there are several ways by which you can surely be able to destroy your enemy completely from your life and also permanently. And these ways are mention here as in the following manner:

neemboo ke maadhyam se aap apane dushman ko nasht kar sakate hain:

  • As in order to perform this upay, you are in need of a lemon. and also some of the iron nails.
  • And then you have to take that lemon.
  • Cut it into two pieces.
  • Once you have done this.
  • Then you are in need to dig the iron nails by forming a circle on all the sides of the lemon.
  • And also on both the pieces.
  • After that, you have to start squeezing that lemon. 
  • By taking the name of your enemy.

vashikaran mantra ka jaap karane se aap apne dushman ko khatam kar sakate hain:

  • Vashikaran is the way by which you can be able to build up your control over the mind of the person.
  • And if you actually want to destroy someone in your life whom you hate too much.
  • Then this vashikaran upay can surely work in a successful manner for you.
  • Because by chanting the mantra you can be able to control the mind of your enemy and make him do all the things completely according to you. By taking the benefit of which you can also destroy your enemy.

Photo se dushman ko vash mein krne k upay:

  • In order to perform this upay, you are in need of photographs of your enemy.
  • Then you have selected that place where the evil spirits can come and go.
  • And then place the photo of your enemy there in front of you.
  • Make a circle with chalk around your enemy photo.
  • And then light the candle.
  • After that you have to start chanting the mantra:

|| Om haam haam haam fhatt fhatt swaha ||

And as when you can start chanting the mantra you can surely be able to control your enemy and yourself think that you actually find the Dushman ko khatam Karne ka upay. That helps you to take revenge from him by destroying his life completely.

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