Delay in boy marriage remedies

Delay in boy marriage remedies

Marriage is that relationship. in which the person can share a lot of his feelings with only one. But when his marriage is not happening and continuously the hurdles can comes in it. Then definitely you are finding the ways that help you and marriage your marriage possibly happen soon. Thus, for you, our astrologer can provide you with the delay in boy marriage remedies.

Why god delays your marriage?

If a person when in any phase of his life face problem. He can definitely ask from the god. That way the problems can come and even not be able to resolve any of them. In the same manner when their marriage is also getting delayed. Then they ask from the god that why he delays their marriage.

Then it is because of the planetary positions in the kundli of the person. That is settled down at the time of the birth of the person. Venus is the planet that is responsible for the marriage relationship. And when it gets influenced by the malefic planets like sun, mars, Rahu and Ketu. Then all such positions can weak the energy of the venus and lead to delay in marriage like problems.

How to overcome boy delay in marriage through Astro remedies?

Now here in this paragraph, we will let you know some of the astrological remedies. That can help a boy to overcome his delay in marriage related problems. And these remedies are mention here as in the following manner:

  • At first, you have to start worshipping the lord shiva and goddess Parvati together.
  • And also start keeping the fast of the lord shiva for the 16 consecutive Mondays.
  • Because you do this so. Then you can soon be able to find that person in your life with whom a strong bond can be formed with you in the form of your life partner.
  • Along with that, you can also take the bath in the haldi water.
  • And after that apply the Chandan tilak.
  • As by doing this so. You can be able to keep your vibes and energy both positive.

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