Can anyone predict accurate pregnancy for a lady?

Can anyone predict accurate pregnancy for a lady

If you both husband and wife plan to make your family by conceiving a child. Then definitely it’s a good plan. Because the presence of a child can make each and every relationship more special. And if you are searching that can anyone predict accurate pregnancy for a lady. Then of course. Through the astrology, you can surely be able to predict your pregnancy.

How do you know will you have a boy or a girl?

As if you want to predict accurate pregnancy for a lady. Then in the kundli of the person, there are certain plants. That is responsible for having a boy or a girl in the kundli of the person.

  • Like Saturn, Jupiter and even mercury. Is responsible for the boy and girl.
  • Along with that if your birth date includes the number 1 or 3. Then you have a boy when you become pregnant.
  • And if there is the presence of 2, 5,5 or 6. Then they have girl child in their kundli.

What are the symptoms in your pregnancy that show you have a baby girl?

  • If you are having a girl child when you become pregnant. Then your weight starts increasing.
  • The mood can start changing within minutes
  • Develops the likings towards the sweet things
  • Along with that, the heart rate can also become fast. Because two hearts are beating at the same time.
  • The skin of the lady also becomes too oily.
  • And even when she wakes up in the early morning. Then she also feels tired at that time.

What are the symptoms that show you have a boy baby?

  • When you become pregnant. And at that time if you are carrying a heavyweight.
  • As well all the time you just want to eat salty and sour things despite sweety.
  • Along with that if you are having a boy. Then the lust can increase a lot more in you.
  • And even the hairs of the mother can also become too long.

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